Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Ansible 2.0 New Features

Ansible 2.0 New Features

big software refactoring - previous rapid growth/technical debt, bolted on features like roles not implemented perfectly. lots of code cleanup and make it easier to add ew features going forward..

added blocks - try/except/finally c.f. python; allows you to try things, catch errors falls through to finally.

blocks allow you to group related tasks together, dont need to use tags

- block:
   - name: stuff 1
can have nested blocks - too many can be overly complex to debug (e.g. could do for multiple OS)

blocks allow subset of variables only set for tasks within that block - local scope

improved error messages, shows line/file/col of task that failed

new option any_errors_fatal: true (if any host fails in block then all hosts go to rescue section - all or nothing deployment) (from 2.0.1)

execution strategy plugins - linear (traditional, wait for all hosts to complete task before moving on to 2nd task etc) or free - each host runs all tasks asap without waiting for others to catch up.

now have dyn-amic includes

improved variable management - variable precedence more consistent

200+ new modules - e.g. ec2,openstack,windows(beta),docker

new inventory scripts

more OO oriented/inheritance etc - more of an internals feature

what might break in V2? should be 100% backwards compatible, most possible issues due to variable precedence and dynamic includes, stricter with yaml now.

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