Tuesday, 10 May 2016

latest puppet features

Just discussing opensource puppet here - puppet 4.4.2 features are included in puppet enterprise 2016.1

naming conventions / version numbers are confusing - there is an overall package - e.g. 4.4 here  -that includes different versions o f puppet,ruby,facter,hiera ...

theres also a separate puppetserver package (this is version 2.3!)

theres also a puppetdb package - installs puppetdb 3

Migrating from puppet 3 to 4 isnt without some effort - existing puppet dsl may no longer work.

pretty good guide to upgrading at upgrade puppet from 3 to 4 (summary - use puppet_agent module)

442 essentially bug fixes
441 bug fixes + minor hiera enhancement
440 iterables, iterator types, type aliases,produce arrays from iterators with splat (*)

  • pluginsync now deprecated - this is now the default behaviour  - same as value use_cached_catalog
  • all in one packaging (AIO) now - as per my initial moan re diverse version numbers
  • stringified facts
  • puppet kick gone - pity
  • node inheritance gone
  • now have epp instead of epp (embedded puppet) erb still works
  • new locations for files and directories:
          /opt/puppetlabs/bin      -> linux executables
          /etc/puppetlabs/puppet -> confdir
          confdir now moved to /etc/puppetlabs/code
          dir environments are always on (yay!)
          vardir moved - /opt/puppetlabs/puppet/ccache
          rundir moved - /var/run/puppetlabs
  • no longer dependent on OS version of RUBY - AIO now bundles it
  • biggest diff is DSL has a new parser and evaluator (re future parser):   
          - iteration/type checking/http api changes/manifest ordering by default

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