Monday, 27 March 2017

What on earth is devops?

Devops is a pretty contentious word - lots of old school people say its nothing new and its just a label for automating everything - which people have tried (and are still trying!) to do.

Most people agree devops isn't:-

  • a job title
  • a job description
  • an organisation/team
I've been guilty of all three of the above misdemeanours.

From wikipedia theres a pretty good definition of devops:

In traditional functionally separated organizations there is rarely cross-departmental integration of these functions with IT operations. devops promotes a set of processes and methods for thinking about communication and collaboration between development, QA, and IT operations.

So - what this is saying is essentially devops is about bringing systems admin/engineers and developers and testers closer together - rather than in silos. Hence why having a devops team is something I consider not a brilliant idea- we shouldnt be creating an extra silo - we should be bringing teams closer.

Technology isn't so important here  - the main thing is culture/behaviour - we also need to think more in terms of the overall toolchain rather than in terms of a devops tool, such as puppet/ansible..

  • code - version control, frequent merges
  • build - ci tools
  • test - test code works (verify/validate) - performance
  • package - stage software
  • release (tricky  - always seen a lot of human interaction here) - change management/approvals
  • configure - iaas
  • monitor - is it all working!
so essentially a large and complex set of practises and tools to bring code quicker and more reliably to the customer.

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