Friday, 16 June 2017

Google Cloud Platform

So recently I received an email from google inviting me to use gcm free for a year - also came with $300  to pay towards chargeable services - very nice.

Previously I've used aws - pretty familiar - also its almost becoming the de-facto standard in most companies I've contracted for  - I think competition is good - so having an alternative should be welcomed.

so - google has multiple data centres worldwide - similarly to amazon it has 3-4 in each region.
when creating a machine you choose a region and a zone.

google also has its own fiber network - never more than 500 miles from an access point

  • compute engine  - iass
  • app engine - paas
  • managed services - elastic resources, machine learning, big data
  • container engine (docker/kubernetes)
  • flexible machine types - any cpu/memory configuration
  • simpler firewall rules
  • bills by minute, not hour
accessing gcp :

web console:
android or iphone app
can ssh from command line after server built
programmatically - api - rest: and

stackdriver looks interesting - this is fordiagnostics, logging, monitoring - integration into other tools such as elk/splunk/patrol etc/ debug console for java and python apps

equivalent of lamda is cloud functions - serverless/ephemeral function that responds to events - not worked on this but sounds very interesting - replacement for stuff like jenkins/ci?

cloud storage buckets are similar to s3 (which is uber cool)

machine learning - mlaas? - machine learning as a service - this is something that I certainly want to learn more about 

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