Monday, 24 September 2018


Currently working on creating a large repo - copied a lot of the packages to a VM in my home test lab - on extracting 15Gb of packages I noticed I was running short on space (had about 20Gb free but wanted to ensure extract didnt fail).

running the old du -hs * from / I noticed /var had a lot of storage being used.
(yes I dont have separate partitions on my smaller VMs)

Looking further I could see that it was pretty much being used in /var/log/journal:

# journalctl --disk-usage
Archived and active journals take up 3.9G in the file system.

I'm really not that interested in these logs - and so will add the following modification to my ansible scripts:

modify /etc/systemd/journald.conf => SystemMaxUse=100M

I then run:

systemctl kill --kill-who=main --signal=SIGUSR2 systemd-journald.service


systemctl restart systemd-journald.service

running check again:

# journalctl --disk-usage
Archived and active journals take up 80.0M in the file system.

cool - lots of space cleared on my VM!

(I do recommend on servers having separate filesystems, and bigger ones than I use - however on home system I have 2Tb worth of ssd - this has to be shared amongst numerous smaller VMs)

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